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The time has never been more right to energize your team with training that gives them practical and powerful tools they will use immediately. 90 Minute Workshops deliver risk free techniques and tips that condition and motivate participants to take the lead on bringing their communication effectiveness and job performance to new levels. Guaranteed. Why not try a no risk, no cost, introductory workshop? For more information contact Mark Chagaris.

SPOTLIGHT: Beware of Flash Floods While Driving. This video of Mark Chagaris’ harrowing flash flood experience will show you why


SPOTLIGHT: UNLOCK YOUR ORGANIZATION’S HIDDEN CAPACITY . Mike Rice, founder of Hidden Capacity, digs deep to uncover the hidden capacity in your processes. This reduces the level of effort so your team can take on new kinds of work, effectively increasing your team’s capacity—but without spending tens of thousands of dollars to add more people.  For information on how to get started, visit www.hiddencapacity.com .